The Motionless Heron EP

by Casinos

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You know, technically this isn't really a proper EP. It's really more of a demo.

But I couldn't just name the damned thing "The Motionless Heron Demo", because that sounds absolutely terrible.

Anyway, this is The Motionless Heron EP, named after a phrase I had read in the book "Of Mice And Men" by John Steinbeck.

3 songs -- 3 different time periods -- lots of contrast.


released October 28, 2012

Words by Kier-Christer Junos
Music by Kier-Christer Junos, Zachary Keely, Alex Vevers, and Mitchell Trainor

Recorded and mixed at Red Kitchen Studios by James Rempel

Backing vocals: Jeffrey Trainor

Album art designed by the elusive Julian Macpherson.



all rights reserved


Casinos Abbotsford, British Columbia

Casinos are Kier Junos, Zachary Keely, Ken Ditomaso and the unmistakable Mitchell Trainor.

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Track Name: Revolva
Something is blowing in the wind
Foreshadowing a truth that might have been expected
The smell of pollen particles
The breath of dusty workers baking outside in the southern sun
The back of your head kisses the revolver
The hesitation was a fleeting sadness
Don't be surprised when I tell you
What I've been meaning to do

The words of his mind never got past any milestones
But does the thrill of killing mice linger on?
The back of your head kisses the revolver
And the sound rings on

Tell me where does one draw a line?
Are there parameters that we should be upholding?
The dust will always linger on
The wind will toss its story across the ancient rusted railroad tracks
Track Name: So Smooth
She keeps her heart up on a shelf
She wants to be all by herself
I could just watch her or just leave
She's got a face that's oh so hard to read
I keep my feelings in a jar
You can't wait until tomorrow it seems so far
You're my religion my religion I'm your Jesus freak
And you're oh so smooth so smooth for me

Can you tell me what to be my dear?
Don't you see we've got emotion?
I won't tell you what to do now
Can't you see we've got devotion?

Oh I try so hard to read the signs you make
Look to the left and to the right I make a double take
One two three, I'm on a winning streak
And I've got a little smile that's looking fine on me

Sweet sleep could be my cover up
When I'm looking down 'cause I'm out of luck
Did I give too much? Or not enough?
Oh don't make a sound
If you haven't heard the story well I'll tell you baby here's the end
Too many losers whose ambitions only end up dead
You're my religion my religion I'm your Jesus freak
And you're oh so smooth so smooth for me
Track Name: Canadian Disco
I'm staring
I'm staring
Into the wake of another ferry home
Your eyes have had me in nails
Your heart is never on sale
Who lives for the waking?
The smell of burnt coffee beans?
Truly the love you withhold is the pain that you carry on
Carry on

Pull me away from the edge I get vertigo
Dancing fools at a Canadian disco
My heart was so electric
Those marvelous names don't let themselves go

Some dogs are in heat now
They lay baking under a sun
Cute girls that sit in your seat
Collapse your legs and your feet
The doctrine of your neighbours suggests an inevitable win
Truly the love you withhold is the pain that you carry on
Carry on

YOUR EYES! (Are fatal...)
ALRIGHT! (I can't pay for...)
These must be the wrong shoes.